The “Root-to-Fruit” Psychological Profile Spread

Most of you know that I’m skeptical of using tarot for psychological profiling purposes, especially the “mind-reading” variety  aimed at furnishing answers to “thinks-and-feels” questions that are driven by either wishful thinking or idle curiosity.

Querent: “What does ‘X’ think/feel about me?” (i.e. “Does ‘X’ like me?”).
Me (looking at cards): “Hmm, maybe ‘X’ isn’t thinking about you at all.”

I will concede that it can be effective for divining what another person might “do” within the context of the question based on a combination of their observed and projected attitudes and behaviors. It may also be useful for promoting self-awareness and understanding. I decided to create a spread specifically for the first purpose, which I envision being used to explore various interactive scenarios involving another individual in personal, social or professional settings (e.g. potential love interest, new boss, employment candidate, service provider). I believe it may also be informative for constructing and analyzing one’s own abbreviated psychological blueprint using the cards.

A word about the “Raw/Rough/Polished” categories for the three cards in each “basic” string: “Raw” suggests “first impressions,” which may be either encouraging or off-putting; “Rough” implies Monty Python’s smirking non-sequitur “after a time (or a few times, anyway);” and “Polished” shows the best you’re going to get out of the individual (even if it’s yourself).

Root-to-Fruit Psyche Spread.JPG

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