Favorite Things

I was recently talking to someone about "reading style." It's a subject worth examining in more detail.  Although I can be a bit flippant in calling myself "half mad scientist and half mystic," what it boils down to is that my own mode of reading the cards partakes slightly more of the analytical than the … Continue reading Favorite Things

The Name of the Game

A question frequently asked by what we might call "journeyman" tarot readers is "How can I break into professional practice on a full-time basis?" In my case, I  backed into it part-time through the patronage of a metaphysical shop owner who, when she learned that I was a local diviner, invited me to work out … Continue reading The Name of the Game

“Walking the Line” – A Situational Awareness & Response Spread

My father's generation had a number of colorful threats aimed at bringing unruly kids back into line. These began with "You're walking a fine line, Mister!" and ended with a thunderous "You're cruisin' for a bruisin'!!!", the second one thankfully almost never executed; delivered with enough intensity, the ominous alliteration was enough to compel immediate … Continue reading “Walking the Line” – A Situational Awareness & Response Spread