Gilding the Weed

I'm often amused by the earnest claims of professional diviners who trumpet  how "accurate" they are, as if being "right" surpasses being "helpful" in their interaction with their clientele. Since I have yet to see a workable empirical model that everyone can agree on for measuring the accuracy of our readings, much less practice in … Continue reading Gilding the Weed

Symbolic Inclusiveness vs. Singularity of Purpose

Symbolic inclusiveness: The idea that all symbols are interchangeable and can mean anything one wants them to mean; personal perception "in the moment" trumps the accumulated wisdom of the ages, so there is no need to learn the symbolic language of any particular system of thought in order to practice it. Throw enough symbols at … Continue reading Symbolic Inclusiveness vs. Singularity of Purpose

Numerological Counterparts: “Pips-as-Trumps” Revisited

Although I posted my original thoughts on this subject some time ago, I have since come across further discussion in the literature on the concept of numerological counterparts for the trump cards, both within the 22-card major series and among the 40-card minor population. This model was first proposed as a way to make sense … Continue reading Numerological Counterparts: “Pips-as-Trumps” Revisited

The Funnel, the Hourglass and the Megaphone

As a visual artist of the graphic persuasion, I'm constantly looking for patterns in card layouts. The Lenormand Grand Tableau is particularly ripe for this pursuit. I've already posted about "ripples on the pond" (concentric circles of cards surrounding the various topic cards that overlap, either reinforcing or cancelling one another); "knighting arrays" (block patterns … Continue reading The Funnel, the Hourglass and the Megaphone

Where Is Tyler? – A Missing Person Reading

UPDATE: The missing sailor was found unharmed in another State. As I expected, this comes from the news agencies: "No other details about Tyler's circumstances were released." A young sailor has gone missing from Groton, CT after having left home on his Honda motorcycle last Tuesday. Although I haven't been getting much satisfaction out … Continue reading Where Is Tyler? – A Missing Person Reading