A “Root-to-Fruit” Psychological Profile Reading

Since I have no suitable client readings in the queue, I decided to test this spread on myself, asking the question "Who am I at this point in my life?" I used the Waite-Smith Centennial Pocket Edition with reversals, and drew the court-card Significator randomly. All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Stamford, CT The King … Continue reading A “Root-to-Fruit” Psychological Profile Reading

The “Root-to-Fruit” Psychological Profile Spread

Most of you know that I'm skeptical of using tarot for psychological profiling purposes, especially the "mind-reading" variety  aimed at furnishing answers to "thinks-and-feels" questions that are driven by either wishful thinking or idle curiosity. Querent: "What does 'X' think/feel about me?" (i.e. "Does 'X' like me?"). Me (looking at cards): "Hmm, maybe 'X' isn't … Continue reading The “Root-to-Fruit” Psychological Profile Spread

2020 Presidential Candidate’s Tarot Profile Spread

I've just created a spread to examine the credibility (aka "cred") of the bumper crop of 2020 US presidential candidates among various demographics of the electorate and also within a number of other crucial "opinion-mills." The bottom line is an assessment of a candidate's overall electability. I tried to keep like parameters together under a … Continue reading 2020 Presidential Candidate’s Tarot Profile Spread

The “Be All You Can Be” Archetype Alignment Spread

There was an old recruitment slogan used by the U.S. Army for over 20 years that went "Be All You Can Be."  I poached this phrase to reflect aspiration to the universal human ideals captured in the first four numbered trump cards of the tarot as Fire (Emperor/Mars), Water (High Priestess/Moon), Air (Magician/Mercury) and Earth … Continue reading The “Be All You Can Be” Archetype Alignment Spread

“Being There” – A Personal Growth Spread

* This spread was inspired by an article (“The B's”) on the Lorian Associations's blog site (see sidebar link) by David Spangler, one of the original architects of the New Age. It describes modes of being appropriate to successfully navigating the coming year and beyond. Think of it as a model for personal growth. The … Continue reading “Being There” – A Personal Growth Spread