“Cheap Shots” #15: Moon Madness

No subject is prone to more mass confusion across various systems of divination than that of the Moon. In astrology it's the archetypal Mother, nurturing and emotionally effusive, connected with memory and the subconscious mind as well as psychic awareness. As one of the three main building-blocks of the personality, it has much to do … Continue reading “Cheap Shots” #15: Moon Madness

The Art of Reading

Cartomancy is fundamentally a story-tellers art, in which each card in a spread forms a scene in a narrative that logically advances the story from the preceding card and segues neatly into the next. The true test of the raconteur's skill occurs when facing what at first appears to be a hopeless jumble of mismatched … Continue reading The Art of Reading

Should We Empower or Should We Enable?

One thing I have always appreciated about tarot is its ability to speak the plain truth in difficult circumstances. Its advice is often bluntly constructive rather than comforting, and the reader must walk a fine line when imparting its wisdom to assure impartiality. It's a truism that "bad things" do still happen to "good people," … Continue reading Should We Empower or Should We Enable?

Horary on Hold: Strictures Against Judgment

Horary astrology has a self-limiting feature that doesn't appear anywhere else in the practice of astrology: the concept of "strictures against judgment." There are certain conditions pertaining to a horary chart that render it "unfit for judgment;" in his 17th-Century English, William Lilly called this "decisions before judgment" and described it thus: "All of the … Continue reading Horary on Hold: Strictures Against Judgment

“Cheap Shots” #14 – Tough Love

I generally prefer decks that hand out unvarnished truth rather than affirmative pleasantries (which excludes many oracle decks, and especially "angel cards"). The Thoth is the granddaddy of them all in that regard, and each of its various clones is no slouch either. For example, unlike the ambivalent 8 of Cups in the Waite-Smith deck, … Continue reading “Cheap Shots” #14 – Tough Love