A Sky Tutorial: Planets in Parallel

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This dramatic photograph from the evening of February 21, 2023 shows the alignment of the Waxing Crescent Moon, Venus (the brighter of the two planets) and Jupiter over Port Orange, Florida. The Moon was at approximately 25 degrees of Pisces in celestial longitude and 5 degrees of South celestial declination moving North, Venus … Continue reading A Sky Tutorial: Planets in Parallel

A Question of Houses

AUTHOR'S NOTE: There is apparently an ongoing controversy among the upper echelon of professional astrologers regarding which system of house division came first, the "quadrant" system later popularized by Placidus de Titis or the Whole Sign system. In the time-based method of Placidus, the Ascendant is coincident with the 1st House cusp and the intermediary … Continue reading A Question of Houses

Ukraine vs. Russia: An “Enemy at the Gate” Conflict-Resolution Reading

The pundits at Fox News have been leaning toward the opinion that Russia will lose the Ukraine war. I haven't done a reading on this since Biden thought he might be able to stare down Putin while the Russian saber-rattling was still going on. We all know how well that worked out. I used my … Continue reading Ukraine vs. Russia: An “Enemy at the Gate” Conflict-Resolution Reading

Eagles vs. Chiefs: 2023 Super Bowl Prediction

UPDATE #2: This forecast turned out to be reasonably accurate. As predicted, Team "B" (Kansas City Chiefs) won and the "razor-thin margin" scenario came closest to the actual outcome (38-35 vs the projected 31-30); the possibility of a tied score in regulation existed until the last 8 seconds of the game, when the winning field … Continue reading Eagles vs. Chiefs: 2023 Super Bowl Prediction

Portents, Predictions and Probability

While vacationing at a beach in Florida and needing something to take my mind (and my eyes) off the abundant evidence that this vulgar age of conspicuous consumption has had an adverse impact on the semi-clad human physique (present company included; thankfully there are no ocean-side mirrors), I decided to dip back into the writing … Continue reading Portents, Predictions and Probability