My Publications

Listed below are the tarot-related e-books I have now published in PDF format on the Lulu self-publishing platform. They can be purchased at the Lulu Bookstore. The links are included.

Pips, Courts and Trumps: A Short, Simple Guide to the Tarot de Marseille (116 pages, 50,000 words, illustrated)

The Literal Tarot (427 pages, 266 full-color tarot spreads and spread-creation guidance)

The Curmudgeon’s Tarot (205 pages, 115,000 words, non-illustrated, critiques and opinions regarding 21st-Century tarot culture and practice)

Tarot Hermetica – Basics and Beyond (266 pages, 115,000 words, instruction and opinion on the occult art of divination, lightly illustrated) Note that some of the card-specific commentary previously appeared in a slightly-edited form in my TdM book; here it is reunited with its source material from Liber T, the Pictorial Key to the Tarot and the Book of Thoth. Only a few of the 100+ original “advanced essays” have been published elsewhere.

Tarot Principles & Practices (108 pages, 55,000 words). This is the final book in my series of blog compilations (at least until I write some more stuff). It’s a book of divination principles and practices (including basic and advanced techniques, tactics, strategies and resources) for the tarot reader who intends to work publicly with the Waite-Smith deck or one of its numerous “clones.” Not a “beginner’s” book.