Cosmic “Drop-Outs”*

*Alternate Titles: "Yet Another Screed on 'How Tarot Works' or 'The Things You Come Up With at 4:00 AM" Taking their cue from advances in astrophysics, science fiction writers at one time loved to talk about the "space-time continuum," mainly as a backdrop for their noodling over ideas like "curved space" and "worm-holes" as a … Continue reading Cosmic “Drop-Outs”*

A “Threepenny Opera” Followup Reading: Arm Surgery

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I have quite a few short essays jostling for inclusion here and I've been hard-pressed to maintain my self-imposed limit of one post per day. So I won't in a few special cases, mainly new spreads and example readings that are more illustrative than profoundly informative. As mentioned in my previous post on … Continue reading A “Threepenny Opera” Followup Reading: Arm Surgery

The “Captains of Industry” Business Dynamic Spread

“Business Management” spreads are some of the most challenging patterns to craft since there so many dynamic variables, vested interests and external influences to consider that it can be difficult to decide where to place the focus. You can quickly wind up with a sprawling, multi-armed monstrosity. (Hint: Despite its appearance, this really isn’t one … Continue reading The “Captains of Industry” Business Dynamic Spread

A “Threepenny Opera” Example Reading: Arm Surgery

My wife recently fell and fractured both bones of her forearm near the wrist. They're calling it an "unstable" fracture that will require two plates to be inserted into her arm; that surgery is scheduled for today. I performed my "Threepenny Opera" multi-deck selection method to a three-card line asking about the outcome of the … Continue reading A “Threepenny Opera” Example Reading: Arm Surgery

“Hey, You” – Pink Floyd Under the “Tarot-scope”

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I believe I've found the ideal use for the Waite-Smith tarot deck. (All images used here are copyright of U.S. Games Systems, Stamford, CT, although I understand the RWS deck may now be in the public domain.) Roger Water's somber and occasionally morose lyrics (often about Pink Floyd founding member Syd Barret's fractured … Continue reading “Hey, You” – Pink Floyd Under the “Tarot-scope”

The “Threepenny Opera” Multi-Deck Selection Method

Although some people shuffle the packs together when using more than one tarot deck in a reading, I've never found that approach particularly easy or effective due to inconsistent card size, thickness and finish. So I have always shuffled the decks separately for any multi-deck spread, usually placing them in different rows, columns or "chains" … Continue reading The “Threepenny Opera” Multi-Deck Selection Method

Patience Is Not A Virtue (When Persistence Won’t Do)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: At the risk of "beating a dead horse," I'm going to present a few more thoughts on my uneasy, rather tepid rapport with the (Rider) Waite-Smith (RWS) Tarot and my much more robust appreciation of Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot. I come down somewhere in the middle on "pip" decks like the Tarot de … Continue reading Patience Is Not A Virtue (When Persistence Won’t Do)

The “Tarot-Cartography” Relocation Spread

Here's a little less-complicated fun with reversals. It's based on the "Astro-Cartography" model from the 1970s. This approach to relocation assumes that we have an urge to move but don't know exactly where we want to go to find the best "fit." It uses a process of elimination based on the appearance of reversed cards … Continue reading The “Tarot-Cartography” Relocation Spread