A Diviner’s Manifesto

My half a century of reading tells me that there is more to divination than meets the eye, and anything that helps me get “under the skin” of objective reality is worth considering. Personally, I believe querents know their private reality better than anyone else can, even if it’s only subconsciously at first and they need to have it pointed out to them through the cards. Human beings are complicated and the techniques to “explain them to themselves” must sometimes match the territory, so many of the tarot spreads I’ve crafted are necessarily detailed. I harbor no pretensions of infallibility nor of absolute wisdom, and I don’t think the tarot can either, so I don’t treat either one as an unimpeachable source. My goal is to help my clients open a channel into their own “presentiment of the future,” as Joseph Maxwell puts it.

I’ve created around 300 spreads over the last ten years; not all of them are complex, it depends on the area of interest since most are topic-specific: problem-solving, decision-making; relationships; general life-reading; health & happiness; work & business; and a grab-bag of miscellaneous subjects. Using the “Select Category” drop-down on my home page will allow you to access all of those that I’ve posted here. (In some cases, opening the link will send the file to your “Downloads” folder and you will have to open it from there.) I put them out there to be used freely by the tarot community; I only ask that they not be represented as someone else’s original work-for-profit.

The following link provides my rationale for spread creation: