The Lagging Indicator

I figured I had better strike while the iron is hot on this thought. While considering the nature of divination in my previous post, it occurred to me that the "outcome" card in a tarot reading - the outward evidence of a predicted conclusion - may actually be what the science of economics calls a … Continue reading The Lagging Indicator

The Nature of the Beast

While doing some rather casual on-line reading about the I Ching,  I came across a brief introduction to the subject that holds the following insights on the nature of divination: "Methods of divination are as old as Mankind. The purpose of divination is often considered to be foretelling the future, but while simple superstitious fortunetelling … Continue reading The Nature of the Beast

Where Is Robert? – A Missing Person Reading

UPDATE: Following up on this old reading, I discovered that Robert Stanley was found dead in a long-abandoned boiler room of a hydro-electric plant in Rochester, NH back in January of this year. There was no further information about the cause or circumstances of his death other than that there was no evidence of foul … Continue reading Where Is Robert? – A Missing Person Reading

The Peaks-and-Valleys Project Management Spread

Whenever I'm at a loss for subject matter to inspire a new tarot spread, I often fall back on the topic of project management, a combined form of decision-making and problem-solving. Nearly everyone has been involved in creative projects of one kind or another, whether at work, at home or in social group settings. Every … Continue reading The Peaks-and-Valleys Project Management Spread

Reading Without Borders

I admit to enjoying the challenge and satisfaction of reading cards in a completely open-ended fashion (not exactly in a vacuum; let's call it a "rarefied atmosphere"). Like Google, the cards "know everything." Approached properly (that is, with sensitivity and diligence), they will invariably speak the truth in one form or another, although not always … Continue reading Reading Without Borders