Where Is George? – An Astro-Tarot Perspective

As I continue to explore the whereabouts of George Cross, who went missing from Berlin, NH in early September, I brought my new astro-tarot location method to bear on the case. For continuity, I chose the same Significator - the King of Swords - that appeared randomly in my previous reading, and this time I … Continue reading Where Is George? – An Astro-Tarot Perspective

The “Gambler’s Cross” Spread

Although I understand why we do it, I've never been entirely satisfied with the fact that most methods of dealing the cards draw them from the top of the deck after the shuffle and cut similar to the way playing cards are dealt for games. Some readers circumvent this by pulling the cards from a … Continue reading The “Gambler’s Cross” Spread

The Fool’s Dilemma (or “Reversal to the Rescue”)

That pesky Fool just won't stay put. Modern tarot enthusiast are accustomed to seeing it  at the head of the trump-card cycle as the null, Zero, but it hasn't always been that way. In decks that predated the esoteric tinkering of the 19th-Century "Occult Revival," the Fool usually remained unnumbered to permit its use as … Continue reading The Fool’s Dilemma (or “Reversal to the Rescue”)

Where Are James and Michelle? – An “Astro-Tarot Location” Example Reading

UPDATE 2: The bodies of James and Michelle Butler were found near Corpus Christi, TX, not far from where they were last seen. The impressions from the reading that they were dead was accurate, although the location indicator was not. The younger person identified in the second part of the reading was probably the perpetrator, … Continue reading Where Are James and Michelle? – An “Astro-Tarot Location” Example Reading

The Rhythms of the Universe

In his 1975 book The Tarot, one of my favorite studies of the esoteric and psychological complexion of the Major Arcana, Richard Cavendish mentions while describing the Chariot that "numerologically the number seven governs the underlying rhythms of the universe." I have always subscribed to Aleister Crowley's assumption that the seventh sephira of the qabalistic … Continue reading The Rhythms of the Universe

What Happened to George? – A Horary Astrology Perspective

I've been holding off from posting this in hope that more information on the current status and location of George Cross would come to light, but there has been nothing new since my earlier tarot reading. In this horary chart I've taken a few liberties with astrologer John Frawley's methods, but the bottom line continues … Continue reading What Happened to George? – A Horary Astrology Perspective

The “Damned If I Know” Vague Answer Remedy

Things have been getting rather technical around here lately, so I thought I would indulge in a little useful fun. I'm not one to anthropomorphize my tarot decks (c'mon people, they're cardboard and ink!) but I sometimes think they act all too human, saying in essence: "Just give 'em the short answer and maybe they'll … Continue reading The “Damned If I Know” Vague Answer Remedy

The “Prudence of Prognostication”

According to author Richard Cavendish, the Roman philosopher Cicero considered the virtue of prudence to be comprised of three characteristics: memory, intelligence and foresight. When applied to the art of divination, these qualities refer to 1) fastidious contemplation of the past, 2) avid engagement with the present and 3) canny speculation about the future, all … Continue reading The “Prudence of Prognostication”