Signs, Signs . . .

"Everything is a sign." (Yoav Ben-Dov, The Open Reading) As a life-long student of all things occult (even though I've gained no more than a nodding acquaintance with some of them), I've formed definite opinions about the "inner workings" of divination. In a shamanistic sense, what we're looking for are "signs" that point toward intimations … Continue reading Signs, Signs . . .

A “Tarot and Trauma” Vignette

Early last week while working on a construction project at home, I fell off a 4-foot step-stool while dismounting with tools in my hand when it tipped on the carpet. I landed on my feet and was immediately thrown off-balance (hold that thought, it's significant here), briskly back-pedaling my way into the corner of a … Continue reading A “Tarot and Trauma” Vignette

“What’s Up, Doc?” – A Whole-Health Profile Spread

I knew I'd get around to using Bugs Bunny's signature greeting sooner or later! The accepted wisdom among diviners is that, unless one is properly trained and licensed (not to mention insured) to do so, it is prudent to stay far away from attempting to answer questions about medical diagnoses and treatment recommendations. Sound advice … Continue reading “What’s Up, Doc?” – A Whole-Health Profile Spread

The “Just Passin’ Through” Romantic Interlude Spread

This spread is intended to be used when considering the advisability of making overtures to a potential love interest (for example, when eyeing the proverbial “workplace dalliance”). Given the relative impermanence of modern romantic liaisons, it's not an accident that the layout simulates a question mark. Many of us have had the bittersweet romantic experience … Continue reading The “Just Passin’ Through” Romantic Interlude Spread

Lunar Month Look-ahead for March-April 2018

Every month on the New Moon I perform my Lunar Month Look-ahead spread using only the Minor Arcana as described in an earlier post. Here is the reading for the monthly period beginning with the New Moon on March 17th. I used the Rohrig Tarot, with reversals. The eight subdivisions are based on psychological astrologer … Continue reading Lunar Month Look-ahead for March-April 2018