Do the “Loosen Up”

While writing my recent post about the the ability of the court cards to receive "inspiration and support from Above," I stumbled upon an epiphany that deserves further exploration. At the end of the essay I wrote: "I will continue to see tarot royalty as hobbled by their inability to “loosen up;” in practical reading … Continue reading Do the “Loosen Up”

“Co-divination” – Parallel Paths and Diminishing Returns

A common complaint of professional diviners is the persistent and occasionally aggressive client who asks the same question repeatedly, often without allowing the previous answer a decent chance to unfold, and expects a more agreeable outcome. The most annoying of these is the person who visits multiple readers with the same intent, and who isn't … Continue reading “Co-divination” – Parallel Paths and Diminishing Returns

“Up the Down Staircase” – The Reversed Quintessence Card

A number of years ago, a young woman who went by the online name of "Amanda" on the now-defunct Aeclectic Tarot forum gave me the idea of subtracting the face value of any reversed cards in a spread when doing the "quintessence" calculation, which can result in a negative total and therefore a reversed "quint" … Continue reading “Up the Down Staircase” – The Reversed Quintessence Card

The Case for the “Rescue Person” (A Crisis-Intervention Spread)

The modern phenomenon of the "rescue dog" (or cat, rabbit, hamster, pig, horse, etc) is well-known. These are domestic animals that are captive strays or that are being abandoned by their owners, who don't want or for some reason can't keep them. Older or infirm pets are frequently on the road to euthanization and rescue … Continue reading The Case for the “Rescue Person” (A Crisis-Intervention Spread)

A Utilitarian “Day-Trip” Event Planning Spread

While at a Maine beach yesterday I was thinking about how the tarot might be used for planning any kind of daily outing or event, covering circumstances such as weather, general comfort level, crowds and access (meaning "getting there and getting in"). It applies the 40 "elemental" minor cards and the astrological correspondences for the … Continue reading A Utilitarian “Day-Trip” Event Planning Spread

The “Time Capsules” Event Timing Spread

Tarot master Enrique Enriquez once said that reading the cards is an "irrational" act, and this is nowhere more evident than in our attempts to perform timing of future events using the tarot. In the past I've taken several shots at coming up with a more sensible approach that doesn't produce ludicrous results, and this … Continue reading The “Time Capsules” Event Timing Spread