The “Flying Wedge” Redirection Spread

I've created spreads in the past based on the idea that the appearance of reversed cards in the sequence will cause a shift in the overall focus of the reading from an overt perspective to a more covert or indirect one. But the draw always proceeded from the top of the deck, which meant that … Continue reading The “Flying Wedge” Redirection Spread

A Storyteller’s Perspective

I'm fond of saying that I much prefer face-to-face sessions to online tarot reading and have written a number of essays about it in the past, but I haven't fully explained why I feel that way. Obviously, it's about the stimulus of spoken communication and the need to think on my feet as I do … Continue reading A Storyteller’s Perspective

A “Temporal Focus” Example Reading: Roe vs Wade

I'm going to preface my interpretation by saying that on one hand I'm a small-government "Libertarian sympathizer" and a firm believer in "States' Rights" as originally intended by the framers of the Constitution, while on the other hand (at least in the purely mystical sense of the soul's delayed entry into the body, which doesn't … Continue reading A “Temporal Focus” Example Reading: Roe vs Wade

A Different Take on the “Past/Present/Future” Outlook

One of my "pet" notions is that people seeking a tarot reading who are experiencing difficulties in their lives love to identify someone or something else to blame for their troubles, whether or not they choose to admit it. The usual "past/present/future" spread design is somewhat imprecise in pinning down the likely "drivers" for these … Continue reading A Different Take on the “Past/Present/Future” Outlook

A “Psychometric” Yes-or-No Reading Approach

The dilemma of how to handle "yes-or-no" questions (or whether to even attempt answering them) is one that all tarot readers must confront sooner or later. I've tried numerous ways, both simple and complicated, to solve the problem and a few years ago I created a table of what I dubbed "Yes-Leaning," "No-Leaning" and "Maybe" … Continue reading A “Psychometric” Yes-or-No Reading Approach