Number Theory in Action

Occult number theory - whether Pythagorean or qabalistic - is one of my favorite ways to extract additional information from the cards in a spread. The geometric axioms of Pythagoras evolve from the Monad (the Point, or Number One) to the Decad (the Decahedron, or Number Ten), while the qabalistic approach follows the descending flow … Continue reading Number Theory in Action

What’s the Story?

I often field questions from anxious novice readers who have yet to acquire the knack of imaginative story-telling with the cards. Anything beyond the simplest layout puts them into the panicked "Lego-block" mode of interpretation, in which they try to stack up keywords in a way that approximates a smooth narrative but instead resembles a … Continue reading What’s the Story?

The Tarot of Dreams Deck Interview

I just received Ciro Marchetti's Tarot of Dreams (the 2015 reissue) today and decided to run it thorough my "personality profile" deck interview spread. This is Ciro's second tarot project, following on the heels of his Gilded Tarot. I consider it a step up in excellence. All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT … Continue reading The Tarot of Dreams Deck Interview