The Skeptic’s Confession

It may surprise you to see an admission of skepticism in a post by the author of a divination blog. But in fact I'm doubtful about the legitimacy of much that currently passes for truth in the metaphysical scripture of the unseen. For example, I'm a non-believer in the "Law of Attraction," which as far … Continue reading The Skeptic’s Confession

The “Hamlet Defense”

In my previously constrained magical life, which persisted for many years after we moved to rural New Hampshire in 1979 and our early attempts to start astrology and Qabala groups came to nothing, I never encountered scoffers and skeptics. Eventually, my only public exposure in the esoteric field was to the like-minded people at the local … Continue reading The “Hamlet Defense”

So You’re a Professional Tarot Reader?

In a local "commerce-and-culture" magazine, I came across an interview with a professional "Certified Life Coach" and began pondering how I would respond to such questions if they are ever presented to me as a tarot reader. Here is my version of a hypothetical interview that aligns more closely with the practice of divination. What is … Continue reading So You’re a Professional Tarot Reader?

The Heloise Lenormand “Attitude Check”

I just received Lynn Boyle's Heloise Lenormand from Australia and I'm definitely impressed. The deck is designed around a stained-glass-window motif, and the images are crystal-clear and instantly recognizable. There are five extra cards in the plain white box: the now customary second Man and Woman as well as an extra Tree, Tower and Heart. … Continue reading The Heloise Lenormand “Attitude Check”