Rethinking the “Knights’ Crossing” Spread

UPDATE: This turned out to be a fascinating reading. The facility where the exams are performed has a new scanning machine, and the technician was both inexperienced and under-trained in its use. She botched the first set of scans even after making two attempts, and I had to sit for a third one when that … Continue reading Rethinking the “Knights’ Crossing” Spread

The Psychology of Tarot

I often mention that tarot isn't especially effective for probing the psychology of an individual or a situation, such as occurs when we're trying to penetrate the thoughts and feelings of someone who isn't present at the reading. If Carl Gustav Jung hadn't laid the groundwork with his exploration of archetypes, I doubt the major … Continue reading The Psychology of Tarot

A Celtic Cross Health Reading

In yesterday's post regarding my upcoming physical examination, I mentioned that a follow-up Celtic Cross reading would be justified by the testimony shown in the preliminary five-card tarot line. I went ahead and did that using the Albano-Waite tarot, with reversals. All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT In this context, the numerous … Continue reading A Celtic Cross Health Reading

A “Counting Round” Example Reading

Rather than doing a new reading to test my ideas on card-counting with my "Knights' Crossing" spread, I decided to apply them to the "Mueller's Madness" reading I did yesterday. All images copyright Lynne Boyle The five-card line derived from the 3x3 square was Book-Man-Mice-Clover-Fish, which I would read as "The individual who is the … Continue reading A “Counting Round” Example Reading

Counting Round: A Step Beyond

In re-reading Caitlin Matthews' book The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook, I became reacquainted with the technique of "counting round" the cards in a layout in fixed increments from the significator or topic card. This creates an additional narrative path that Matthews suggests can be read as a separate line, after interpreting the pattern in the … Continue reading Counting Round: A Step Beyond

Mueller Madness

Washington DC is practically foaming at the mouth over the projected release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report within the next few weeks. The fact of the matter is that, unless criminal indictments arise from Mueller's document, it isn't likely to be made public. I decided to do a Lenormand reading using my "Knight's … Continue reading Mueller Madness