“Who’s Got the Ball?” – Court Cards As “Agency”

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The ideas and practices described here are updated from those presented in at least one earlier post on the subject. It has always struck me that the court cards of a tarot deck have a fairly narrow range of usefulness in a reading (not to mention that they are often a source of … Continue reading “Who’s Got the Ball?” – Court Cards As “Agency”

Harmony: The Last Word (For Now)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I'm "shoehorning" this post in here because of strong interest in this missing-person case. I realized that I didn't perform my "last word" reading for the case of Harmony Montgomery. The spread, which I characterize as showing "the quick (alive), the dead and the in-between (suffering but still alive)," is intended to demonstrate … Continue reading Harmony: The Last Word (For Now)

“You’ll Fall Right In . . .” (b/w “The Beef Stew Annual Forecast Spread”)

A discussion I've been following on the "r/tarot" reddit board brought up the point that the tarot can be overused (or improperly used) in the search for personal awareness and advancement. It is a fascinating thread for what it reveals about the extremes some people will go to in overthinking their daily lives rather than … Continue reading “You’ll Fall Right In . . .” (b/w “The Beef Stew Annual Forecast Spread”)

Harmony’s Fate: A “World of Hurt” Missing Person Reading

Author's Note: Breaking my rule again by posting twice today, but I wanted to get this off my plate because I have a growing backlog of more complex essays to publish beginning tomorrow. The police are moving briskly on this case but haven't come up with anything new yet despite poking around a home with … Continue reading Harmony’s Fate: A “World of Hurt” Missing Person Reading

Harmony’s Story: A “Missing-Person Vignette”

UPDATE: An arrest was made in this case yesterday, but it was for felonious conduct prior to the disappearance. Harmony is still unaccounted-for. There seems to have been a custody battle going on, which does not bode well. https://patch.com/new-hampshire/concord-nh/father-missing-7-year-old-harmony-montgomery-arrested?fbclid=IwAR3m5aM3Hj9XZEgbEdTwgWpC7pIkFfVqEABFhWqI9PdFFB4ykYQq_dmSwvY This is the second in a series of readings about the case of a missing New … Continue reading Harmony’s Story: A “Missing-Person Vignette”