“All The World’s A Stage:” A Three-Tiered Short-Term Development Spread

This spread illustrates my long-held opinion that the Major Arcana rarely show significant "big-deal"events in a short-term reading; they may create an environment conducive to such events but they seldom "pull the trigger" all by themselves. Instead, they provide an archetypal "stage-setting," "thematic backdrop" or "environmental prompt" for the situational drama delivered by the Minor … Continue reading “All The World’s A Stage:” A Three-Tiered Short-Term Development Spread

“Intuition Pandering” (or “The Soft Underbelly”)

Alternate Subtitle: "I Don't Know What It Is, But I'll Know It When I See It" Intuitive truth, that is. For the last few years in these essays I've nibbled around the edges of what it means to read the tarot cards "intuitively," but only in the last few days has my grasp of the … Continue reading “Intuition Pandering” (or “The Soft Underbelly”)

“So Many Words . . .”

Those four syllables were spoken (well, written) by tarot author and entrepreneur Marcus Katz during a recent online conversation about the symbolism that has been attached to the tarot cards since the advent of esoteric contemplation with Etteilla in the 18th Century. It came across as a slightly rueful acknowledgement of the monumental effort involved … Continue reading “So Many Words . . .”

The “What-If?” Alternate Reality Lessons-Learned Spread

Yesterday I came across a question on the r/tarot sub-reddit asking whether we can put "what-if" questions to the tarot. For example, "What would have happened if I had made a different decision than the one that landed me where I am now?" An ideal specific subject might be "Where would I be in life … Continue reading The “What-If?” Alternate Reality Lessons-Learned Spread

The “Jodo’s Judgement” Situational Breakout Spread

The “syncretic” approach to esoteric study and practice has fascinated me ever since I first encountered Aleister Crowley's exhaustive and rather intimidating catalog of mystically-linked assumptions in The Book of Thoth, and in his even more relentless source material, Sir James George Frazer’s Golden Bough. I often combine ideas from more than one metaphysical discipline … Continue reading The “Jodo’s Judgement” Situational Breakout Spread

Rachel Pollack: A “Best-Case Scenario” Reading

Author's Note: It may be presumptuous of me to do this without being asked, but those of us who have ever met Rachel are deeply concerned about her condition and I wanted to capture that interest in an appropriate appeal to the tarot. It seemed fortuitous that I have her Shining Tribe deck. UPDATE: This … Continue reading Rachel Pollack: A “Best-Case Scenario” Reading

The “Gatekeeper and Keymaster” Best-Case Scenario Spread

The title of this spread comes from the two demonic characters ("Zuul" and "Vinz Clortho") played by Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis in the first Ghostbusters movie. The premise was rife with thinly-veiled sexual innuendo about the "gate" and the "key," but it seemed like a good basis for a tarot spread. The spread uses … Continue reading The “Gatekeeper and Keymaster” Best-Case Scenario Spread