Trump’s “Mamushka”

I can tell by the resounding silence whenever I post one that few people here like my political readings (I'm a "small-government" New England Libertarian at heart, not a Liberal or Socialist) but that doesn't stop me and, to be honest, I do my best to "just read the cards" and not inject personal bias … Continue reading Trump’s “Mamushka”

A “Tetractys” Example Reading

I decided to test the "Tetractys" spread with my Fournier Tarot de Marseille deck, without reversals. Two weeks ago  I received a tentative offer to perform tarot readings at upcoming metaphysical events sponsored by a spiritual medium in the area.  There is apparently a shortage of male readers and I would apparently be a welcome … Continue reading A “Tetractys” Example Reading

Archetype, Archetype, Who’s Got the Archetype?

It appears from the on-line conversations I've been following that there are two distinct chains of archetypal descent in the tarot. One of them  - the older one - is culturally-specific, symbolizing conventions that were widely understood and accepted during the pre-Enlightenment era when they were first captured in the trump cards. Their appeal to … Continue reading Archetype, Archetype, Who’s Got the Archetype?

What Happened to Tre? – A Missing Person Reading

UPDATE: On December 5, the body of Tre Rouse was discovered inside his vehicle submerged in the Merrimack River in Hooksett, NH. This was something he had apparently been threatening to do before his November 15 disappearance. This reading obviously goes into the "failure" column as far as predictive accuracy. Original Post: On November … Continue reading What Happened to Tre? – A Missing Person Reading

Jung vs. Tarot: Intuition or Inspiration?

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while know that I favor proficient knowledge-based reading leavened by impromptu flashes of illumination that typically invoke heightened sensitivity. Conversely, I have a distrust of total reliance on speculative guesswork (more commonly known as "intuition") when it comes to tarot interpretation. My suspicion is … Continue reading Jung vs. Tarot: Intuition or Inspiration?

Recombinant Trumps: Lovers and Tower

This pair presents what might be considered a "turnaround" of the previous one since the trump cards swap position from top to bottom and left to right: where before the Tower and the Lovers were subsidiary counterparts to the Chariot and the Devil, respectively, here they are the primary trumps. The Lovers now appears to … Continue reading Recombinant Trumps: Lovers and Tower