Tarot, Lenormand and Horary Astrology Consulting

I am offering on-line tarot consultation using the 10-card Celtic Cross spread (and others as requested). These activities will be privately arranged and paid for in advance via PayPal. I intend to turn all inquiries around in a 24-hour period, barring unusually heavy demand or other unforeseen circumstances. A written narrative will be delivered electronically and will usually be between six and eight pages of text accompanied by a digital photograph of the spread.

I have a different approach to on-line consulting because of the way I believe tarot “works.” I prefer my clients to become involved in choosing the cards, either using their own deck or a tarot app. My theory is that, if you feel the urge to have a tarot reading, your subconscious probably has something to tell you that can’t be communicated via normal waking consciousness, and pulling your own cards opens that subliminal channel. You will ask your question while shuffling and drawing the ten cards, then e-mail me a list of those cards in the order selected, identifying whether any of them were reversed. (Alternatively, you can randomly select 10 numbers between 1 and 78 without repeating any of them and I will draw the cards from a randomized deck.)

I will populate and read the spread here at my end. You can either tell me your specific question or topic of interest (for example, love life, career, relocation, home, family, education, social matters, general forecast for the next few months), or keep it private. In either case the cards will speak directly to you and I will interpret. Here is an overview of my “topic-reading” approach:


I do not knowingly perform “third party” readings about anyone who isn’t actively involved in your situation, and I don’t address questions regarding what someone else “thinks” or “feels.” My goal is to provide situational awareness and developmental insights for your consideration, not psychological profiling. I read cards, not minds. Finally, questions seeking medical, legal or financial advice are off-limits as well and will not be accepted; I’m not a trained or licensed professional in those area of expertise. If you live in a State with anti-fortune-telling laws, any observations I provide will be “for entertainment only;” otherwise, they are “for information only” and what you choose to do with the report is up to you.

My Lenormand readings employ the 36-card Grand Tableau for longer-range general forecasts and the 9-card square for more specific short-term questions.

My horary astrology readings are usually of the “lost item” type. In this case I will need to know the question in advance since the chart is cast for the moment I understand your request, and for my own location. The reading narrative will include suggested locations to search, including the bases for doing so, and a visual of the chart. I can also do “election” charts for picking the best time to start an activity or enterprise.

The following PDF file will give you an idea what to expect from my tarot readings. You can contact me via this web site to discuss your needs.

Basic Celtic Cross with Guidance

My on-line tarot pricing is approximately $10 more than what I clear for a face-to-face reading after the shop-owner’s cut, mainly to account for the typing time. A 10-card write-up for the Celtic Cross takes around 4-5 hours to produce up to six typed pages plus spread photo, so I’m increasing my rates for 2022.

$25 USD for up to and including five cards and any of my simple yes-or-no spreads;
$35 for 6-to-9 cards on any single subject;
$45 for my topic-area specialty, the Celtic Cross;
$50 for spreads larger than ten cards.

For Lenormand readings, a 9-card square is $35 and a 36-card Grand Tableau is $60 for a full-scope life reading that includes all traditional topic areas. For a GT with a limited number of topic areas, price is negotiable. A horary astrology chart for help in finding a lost item is $30.

Contact me at dubyah48@gmail.com if you would like to arrange for a reading.