Legal and Commercial Notice

This site is not a commercial venture on my part, in that I pay for the privilege of hosting it. It is not monetized to the extent that I make money directly or via “click-through” from the essays posted here. WordPress may attach advertising to my posts but I have no say in it. Where I have used photographs, either they are my own work or I have taken pains to ensure that they are legitimately in the public domain. Where I have posted card images, they are within the guidelines of fair use, and in some cases (for example, U.S. Games Systems) I have contacted the publisher and received authorization for limited use. The agreement was that I will include copyright citations and use high-definition images whenever possible, which I have striven to do for all previously published material. My content is provided freely for use by the community, both private and professional, with the provision that its origin be acknowledged in any republication by linking or citing this source. I retain all rights to the written material herein except for any direct quotes from other publications. Consulting services offered are independent of the primary informational purpose of this blog.