Random Thoughts on the Celtic Cross Spread

Among the curiosities that Waite-Smith tarot neophytes will discover upon their first encounter with Arthur Edward Waite's "Ancient Celtic Method" (aka Celtic Cross or "CC") are the rather quaint subtitles he gave to most of the positions in the spread. I thought I would take some time to weigh in on my own experience with … Continue reading Random Thoughts on the Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross and the “Penultimate” Timing Method

As any tarot reader knows, the venerable Celtic Cross (CC) layout includes two "future" positions: the "Near Future" that is the last card in the "cross" section and the "End of the Matter" (or long-range "Outcome") card at the top of the "staff" section. Although the general timing assumptions for these forecasts are built into … Continue reading The Celtic Cross and the “Penultimate” Timing Method

The Virtue of Simplicity: Redrawing the Celtic Cross

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I updated the text and graphic to clarify a couple of things. (I knew what I wanted to say but didn't quite say it.) The Celtic Cross spread is an entrenched tradition among tarot readers, but it is one many people (especially younger enthusiasts) "love to hate" due to its ungainly complexity (too … Continue reading The Virtue of Simplicity: Redrawing the Celtic Cross

The “Penultimate” Tarot Timing Method

PENULTIMATE: the last but one; second to last It's probably safe to say that every tarot reading performed in response to the question "What will happen?" has an initially unspoken postscript: "When will it happen?" It's equally true that the precise timing of future events with tarot cards is a tricky undertaking; many techniques have … Continue reading The “Penultimate” Tarot Timing Method

The “Personality Plus” Character Analysis Spread

Here is a spread that builds on the standard four-factor identity model by allowing for an "unfolding" or "flowering" of the basic personality snapshot into multi-faceted fullness stimulated by elemental interaction between the cards pulled and the underlying "state of being" reflected in each "phase:" Fire and Wands represent the Will (including primary drives, urges … Continue reading The “Personality Plus” Character Analysis Spread

Health Readings: A Psychosomatic View

Psychosomatic: (literally, mind [psyche] and body [soma] "willing to perform" [matos]); an adjective describing a physical illness or other condition caused or aggravated by a mental factor such as internal conflict or stress. In tarot circles it's generally acknowledged that attempting to divine someone's future medical condition in a diagnostic way is professionally and personally … Continue reading Health Readings: A Psychosomatic View

A “Weekly Tone/Daily Tone” Example Reading

To test my new weekly/daily forecast spread, I used my Retro Thoth deck to perform a seven-day reading for the current week beginning Monday, February 21, 2022. I permitted reversals, but in this spread they merely represent a less evident expression of the upright influence. I'm getting good mileage out of the minor and court … Continue reading A “Weekly Tone/Daily Tone” Example Reading

A Creative Approach to Weekly and Daily Draws

A common practice recommended to tarot beginners is to randomly pull one card each day and contemplate its meaning over the course of that day, with the goal of gradually mastering the complex art of interpretation. Unfortunately, this approach to learning can continue long after its initial usefulness fades; the "daily draw" becomes institutionalized and … Continue reading A Creative Approach to Weekly and Daily Draws

A Missing-Person “Sectional” Suspect and Location Spread

Just when you thought I'd gone off the deep end, here is a very simple layout that I will be using in connection with my other more detailed missing-person spreads. (You will need a board-game spinner or other random "sectioning" method to work with it.) As mentioned in the accompanying text, the thrust of this … Continue reading A Missing-Person “Sectional” Suspect and Location Spread

The “Reasonable Certainty” Investment Opportunity Spread

Here is a spread for you "left-brained" types who appreciate a more deductive, methodical approach to tarot reading when warranted. It can be used when the opportunity for any kind of significant investment arises; this can be a financial initiative or any other commitment involving one's time or resources. Note that if you are of … Continue reading The “Reasonable Certainty” Investment Opportunity Spread