The Cartomancer’s Creed

The aim of cartomancy is empowerment. At its best, a card reading promotes self-understanding and provides the stimulus for positive change. It can also offer situational awareness for informed decision-making.

As a method of divination it taps into the idea that we create our own future through the decisions we make, the actions we take, and the attitudes or behaviors we adopt in response to the insights received. It speaks of portents and possibilities, not fate.

To unfold as shown, a prediction often requires deliberate action or inaction by the seeker: conscious effort to pursue an agreeable outcome or willing neglect to permit an unpleasant one. Wishful thinking in the first case and good intentions in the second aren’t enough to make a difference.

Situations seldom develop entirely at the conscious level, they are often shaped by subconscious intent. In most cases, there are subtle precursors that can be identified through the art of cartomancy. Forewarned is forearmed.