The “IF/THEN/ELSE” Decision-Making Spread

In my last essay I discussed the virtues of the three-card tarot spread as the minimum effective layout for divining any substantive issue (personally, I prefer five cards). I mentioned the typical "past/present/future" line spread and the Hegelian "thesis/antithesis/synthesis" array, but the one that piqued my interest is an approach that uses the data-routing logic … Continue reading The “IF/THEN/ELSE” Decision-Making Spread

TURN OFF THE CAPS! (Majors-Only Tarot Reading)

It seems to be popular in Europe to read with only the 22 trump cards and leave the pip and court cards aside. This is surely a pre-20th-Century form of cartomancy that antedates the lofty assumptions of Jungian thought and its psychological archetypes. I'm not familiar enough with Joseph Campbell to say so conclusively, but … Continue reading TURN OFF THE CAPS! (Majors-Only Tarot Reading)