Court Card Thumbnails: The Knight/Prince of Cups

The Minor Arcana: The Knight/Prince of Cups Titles: Air of Water; the Prince of the Chariot of the Waters Astrological Correspondence: 21° Libra to 20° Scorpio Commentary: Golden Dawn “Liber T” (S.L. Mathers): "He is subtle, crafty and artistic; a fierce nature with calm exterior. Powerful for good or evil, but more attracted by the … Continue reading Court Card Thumbnails: The Knight/Prince of Cups

Pratchett’s Epiphany

In Hogfather, his amusingly cynical meditation on the nature of truth and belief, satirical fantasy writer Terry Pratchett depicted DEATH, who always spoke ominously IN CAPITAL LETTERS, arguing with his stubborn rationalist granddaughter Susan about the need for children to practice believing life's "little lies" (like the Hogfather - aka Santa Claus,  the Tooth Fairy, … Continue reading Pratchett’s Epiphany

Where Is “A . . ?” A Missing Person Spread

UPDATE: The remains of Austin Colson were found in a wooded area of northern Vermont not long ago, and positive identification has now been made. He died of a gunshot wound to the head. My instincts were apparently sound in this case, although my reading wasn't too accurate as a whole. There may very … Continue reading Where Is “A . . ?” A Missing Person Spread

Rethinking the Monthly Lunar Look-ahead

Before I get into the subject of today's post, here is an interesting web-site that shows the eight cardinal and ordinal phases of the monthly lunation cycle as named by eminent astrologer Dane Rudhyar, in terms of the percentage of visibility, making it possible to pinpoint  when a given sub-phase "perfects" during the month in … Continue reading Rethinking the Monthly Lunar Look-ahead