An Experiment in “Symbolic Parallels”

Here is a 15-card spread that explores the notion that cards will complement one another according to the position they hold within the 78-card series, essentially creating pairs of "symbolic parallels." It is intended to show the querent's psychological orientation to the subject of the reading as it develops over time, from initial awareness to … Continue reading An Experiment in “Symbolic Parallels”

The “Double-Entry” Situational Bottom-Line Spread

I had intended to make this spread emulate a double-entry book-keeping ledger with a "credit" (profitable) side and a "debit" (less-rewarding) side, in which the "bottom line" would be a "zero-sum" proposition using the "quintessence" method. But the only way I could get a numerical zero out of it was to use the reversed version … Continue reading The “Double-Entry” Situational Bottom-Line Spread

“Adjectivitis” – The Tarot Writer’s (and Reader’s) Albatross

I have to confess that the comma is my enemy, particularly when it is used to link an endless array of modifiers that would be best boiled down into a single compelling noun or trenchant adjective (for that matter, the more sophisticated semi-colon is at most a "friend with benefits" and not a faithful consort … Continue reading “Adjectivitis” – The Tarot Writer’s (and Reader’s) Albatross

“Up the Down Staircase” – The Reversed Quintessence Card

A number of years ago, a young woman who went by the online name of "Amanda" on the now-defunct Aeclectic Tarot forum gave me the idea of subtracting the face value of any reversed cards in a spread when doing the "quintessence" calculation, which can result in a negative total and therefore a reversed "quint" … Continue reading “Up the Down Staircase” – The Reversed Quintessence Card