2018 World Series, Game 3 Prediction

Game 3 Recap:

The Dodgers win confirmed the prediction, although by a more slender margin than anticipated. It looks like both pitching staffs were up to the challenge.

Original Pregame Post, 10/26/19 @ 0800

With the Major League Baseball World Series relocating to Los Angeles for Game 3, my approach places the home-team Dodgers in the top row of the spread and the visiting Red Sox in the second row. As before, I used the Golden Universal and RWS Centennial Edition decks, with reversals, and the Chariot as Significator or “Opportunity” card. The abundance of trump cards in this reading portend far greater offensive fireworks than we’ve seen to date in the series. The draw for each team was as follows:

Dodgers Strength: 6 of Wands reversed
Dodgers Weakness: Lovers reversed
Dodgers Edge: Strength
Dodgers Allies’ Power (bullpen dominance): Justice
Dodgers Chance to Win: The Chariot

Red Sox Strength: Queen of Swords
Red Sox Weakness: The Star
Red Sox Edge: The Sun
Red Sox Allies’ Power (bullpen dominance): 9 of Cups reversed
Red Sox Chance to Win: The Emperor

Decision Card (Grand Quintessence): Justice


In the “Strength” department, the face-off between the Red Sox’ Queen of Swords and the Dodgers’ 6 of Wands reversed suggest that the Red Sox manager’s strategic prowess will hamstring the Dodgers’ bats, at least in the early innings. (+1 to Red Sox)

Regarding “Weakness,” the rational, determined Star (fixed sign Aquarius) would seem to have the edge over the equally rational but less resolute Lovers reversed (mutable sign Gemini). Trying to stare down Red Sox manager Alex Cora looks like a tall order for Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts. (+1 to Red Sox)

Both the Dodgers and the Red Sox have extremely potent, fiery solar cards in the “Edge” category; this is where things could get interesting. The Dodgers have the unflinching, dominating Strength in reserve, while the Red Sox sport the overwhelming enthusiasm of the Sun. It’s really a toss-up, but I think the fixed-sign Leo association of Strength will be more productive of runs. (+1 to Dodgers)

In “Allies’ Power,” the Dodgers’ relief pitching staff, with Justice, appears to have the “right of it” over the Red Sox’ flaccid 9 of Cups reversed. (+1 to Dodgers)

“Chance to Win” favors the Dodgers with the Chariot, bringing them into perfect harmony with the “Opportunity” card (Significator), while the Red Sox received the Emperor. With two assertive trump cards, this one is too close to call, but the Dodgers with a repetition of the Chariot appear to have the advantage  (+1 to Dodgers)

The “Decision” card was Justice, reinforcing the Dodgers’ bullpen supremacy. I’m thinking that the Dodgers’ closers will shut the Red Sox hitters down after some mid-game pyrotechnics at the plate. In addition, Justice as an Air card (Libra) is marginally more inclined toward the elementally compatible cards in the Dodgers’ line than toward the almost equally agreeable cards in the Red Sox line, with the weak 9 of Cups reversed being the major false note. This reiterates that the Boston relief pitchers may not be up to snuff for this game. (+2 to Dodgers)

The raw scoring gives the Dodgers a 5-2 victory over the traveling Red Sox, but I’m thinking that the warmer weather and home-team advantage could also play a critical part in the outcome. Those factors could mean a 6-2 or 7-2 bulge for Los Angeles. But with the Sun and the Emperor on their side, it could just as easily tilt in favor of the Red Sox by a slightly smaller margin. In purely intuitive terms, the two reversed Sixes in the Dodgers’ line offset by the Red Sox reversed Nine could spell the difference in the score: a three-run win for Boston.

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