2018 World Series, Game 4 Prediction

Game 4 Recap:

Beyond correctly predicting the winner, there were a couple of key observations in this reading. The Red Sox with Justice as their “edge” definitely “delivered the verdict in no uncertain terms,” and Temperance coupled with Justice allowed them to regain their poise going into the final innings of the game. The Dodgers did have to go to their bullpen often, but to no avail. Because the scoring model only allows for a maximum spread of 7-0, I’m going to have to tinker with it to allow the possibility for higher run totals; perhaps a quantitative doubler would be one reasonable option, giving an 8-6 final score (actual was 9-6) in this case rather than 4-3.

Original Pregame Post, 10/27/18 @ 0800

For the fourth game of the Major League Baseball World Series, all parameters of the Game 3 reading remain the same. The draw for the two teams was as follows:

Dodgers Strength: 2 of Wands
Dodgers Weakness: Knight of Cups
Dodgers Edge: 4 of Cups reversed
Dodgers Allies’ Power (bullpen dominance): 8 of Wands
Dodgers Chance to Win: The Moon

Red Sox Strength: 4 of Wands reversed
Red Sox Weakness: Queen of Cups reversed
Red Sox Edge: Justice
Ref Sox Allies’ Power (bullpen dominance): 2 of Swords
Red Sox Chance to Win: The Emperor reversed

Decision Card (Grand Quintessence): Temperance


With the 4 of Wands reversed in the “Strength” department, the Red Sox could have scant reason to celebrate, while the 2 of Wands for the Dodgers suggests that they will assert their dominance. (The title of this card in the Thoth deck is “Dominion.”) (+1 to Dodgers)

Regarding “Weakness,” the Red Sox’ reversed Queen of Wands seems irresolute while the Knight of Cups for the Dodgers shows a greater sense of purpose, although neither is especially energetic (which stands to reason after last night’s 18-inning marathon). (+1 to Dodgers)

The Dodgers “edge” is the 4 of Cups reversed, which implies that they will run out of gas, while the Red Sox with Justice could deliver the verdict in no uncertain terms. (+1 to Red Sox)

With the 8 of Wands for bullpen dominance, the Dodgers may have to go to their relievers early and often, while the Red Sox with the 2 of Swords don’t have much to choose from and may run short of bench depth. (+1 to Dodgers)

The Moon as the “Chance to Win” for the Dodgers offers ambiguous testimony, while the Emperor reversed for the Red Sox may still have enough horsepower to overcome the previously mentioned deficits. (+1 to Red Sox)

Temperance (corresponding to Sagittarius) as the Decision card has more in common elementally with the Fire and Air cards of the Red Sox’ line than with the predominantly Water cards of the Dodgers’ line. Boston should be able to hang onto the equilibrium expressed by Justice and retain the advantage. (+2 to Red Sox)

Although the sports odds-makers give the Dodgers a 4-3  edge in this game, the raw score here reverses that and grants the Red Sox a 4-3 victory.

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