Stemming the Tide

Tarot deck buying is an addictive pleasure. I know a few people who have thousands of them. Those who grouse that you actually  need only one deck to ply your trade (if you're a professional) or explore your inner landscape (if you're not) obviously haven't felt the potent allure of the "next big thing." There … Continue reading Stemming the Tide

“Oh, the Shame . . . “

I had a novel experience yesterday. I was bounced from a Facebook group for being too forthcoming with my knowledge. I won't name it, but it's a very popular tarot students' site. The convenient excuse was that I was promoting my divination business, but I never did. The real reason was that I didn't fit … Continue reading “Oh, the Shame . . . “

Tormentor of Fish: A 2020 Season Forecast

Although I'm now well into my "senior" years, sit more than I should and have to be careful how much I push my limits, I still consider myself an "outdoorsman." (I like to say that I'm the only whisky-drinkin', pickup-drivin', ballcap-wearin', fly-fishin', alpine-skiin', kayak-paddlin', hill-climbin', rock & rollin', theater-goin', poetry-lovin', horoscope-castin', tarot-card-readin', grey-bearded, half-Canadian geomancer … Continue reading Tormentor of Fish: A 2020 Season Forecast