2018 World Series, Game 2 Prediction

Game 2 Recap:

As predicted by the scoring model, the game was a close one, 4-2 instead of 4-3, but the win went to Boston as David Price came through. It seems that all the reversals gave more trouble to the Dodgers, while the Red Sox relievers were flawless. Pitching was the deciding factor, abetted by the Red Sox’ celebrated ability to produce runs in clutch hitting situations.

Original Pregame Post, 10/24/18 @ 0700:

This morning I threw a conflict-resolution spread for the second game of the Major League Baseball World Series, which is just underway as I write this. Once again, I used the Golden Universal and RWS Centennial Edition decks and allowed reversals. The home team (Red Sox) again takes the first line of the layout and the visiting team (Dodgers) the second line. The Significator (“Opportunity”) card was the Chariot, symbolizing “victory.” The series of cards for each team was as follows:

Red Sox Strength: Queen of Swords
Red Sox Weakness: 3 of Cups reversed
Red Sox Edge: Page of Wands reversed
Red Sox Allies’ Power (bullpen dominance): Page of Pentacles
Red Sox Chance of Winning: Wheel of Fortune reversed

Dodgers Strength: Knight of Swords reversed
Dodgers Weakness: Ace of Pentacles reversed
Dodgers Edge: 9 of Pentacles reversed
Dodgers Allies’ Power (bullpen dominance) Judgement
Dodgers Chance of Winning: Empress reversed

Decision Card (Grand Quintessence): Death reversed


The Queen of Swords challenging the Knight of Swords reversed in the “Strengths” department points up the fact that the sporting press anticipates this series to be a strategic gem, with each manager hedging his bets by changing up his roster depending on the moves made by his opponent. The Queen of Swords suggests that the Red Sox manager will have a steadier hand on the helm than the Dodgers manager. (+1 to Red Sox)

In the “Weakness” area, the Red Sox with the 3 of Cups reversed may be a little sloppy in their execution, while the Dodgers with the Ace of Pentacles reversed could have some trouble with game-play fundamentals. This one looks like a wash. (No advantage)

The Red Sox “edge” (Page of Wands reversed) indicates that they will hang back from overly aggressive offensive exploits and wait out the Dodgers’ pitching; this is something they have been doing exceptionally well all season and no surprise. The Dodgers “edge” (9 of Pentacles reversed) shows that they will be patient to a fault, but they may have some difficulty getting motivated. (+1 to Red Sox)

The effectiveness of the Red Sox bullpen will depend on their younger relief pitchers, and the Page of Pentacles shows that they will get the job done despite their inexperience. But the Dodgers’ bullpen, represented by Judgement, has me thinking that their closers will wreak vengeance on the Red Sox hitters. (+1 to Dodgers later in the game)

Regarding “Chance to Win,” there is an interesting convergence going on: the Red Sox have the Wheel of Fortune reversed, which corresponds to Jupiter, the “Greater Benefic” in astrology, while the Dodgers have the Empress reversed, which is associated with Venus, the “Lesser Benefic.” Neither one is especially auspicious when reversed, but the Wheel of Fortune is more inclined to positive expression while the Empress doesn’t take upsetting developments graciously. The Red Sox are more likely to take adversity in stride and rebound. (+1 to Red Sox)

The “Decision” card is Death reversed. I’m entertaining the notion that neither team will play as if they really want to win, but Death is elementally aligned slightly better with the cards in the Dodgers’ line, so the advantage goes their way, (+2 to Dodgers)

I have serious doubts that David Price can throttle the Dodgers, but the predictive scorecard shows no pronounced advantage for either team. Since there can be no ties in baseball, I’ll stick my neck out and propose a 4-3 Dodgers win, possibly in extra innings.

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