2018 World Series, Game 1 Prediction

Game 1 Recap:

For the first couple of innings, my scoring estimate looked like a winner and, until the 6th inning, the game stayed reasonably close to the numbers shown by the spread’s scoring model: 5-3 Read Sox vs. the predicted 6-1 final score. But the Red Sox bats eventually lived up to the 6 of Wands’ reputation for victory and broke the game open in the seventh inning for an 8-4 win. The assumption of “an early (Red Sox) lead that is never overtaken” turned out to be accurate once the early 2-2 tie was ended.

Original Pregame Post, 10/23/2018 @ 1900

I used my “Enemy At The Gates” conflict-resolution spread to examine the face-off between the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 1 of the Major League Baseball World Series. I selected the Chariot (“triumph, victory”) as the Significator card (“The Opportunity”) from the Golden Universal RWS deck and performed the reading with the RWS Centennial Edition, using reversals. In deference to the “home-team advantage” mystique, I placed the Red Sox in the first row of the layout and the Dodgers in the second row.


The card series for each team was as follows:

Red Sox Strength: the 6 of Wands
Red Sox Weakness: 10 of Cups reversed
Red Sox Edge: 8 of Wands reversed
Red Sox Allies’ Power (here taken to mean the bullpen’s potency): 5 of Wands reversed
Red Sox Chances to Win: The Star reversed

Dodgers Strength: King of Pentacles reversed
Dodgers Weakness: 9 of Wands
Dodgers Edge: 5 of Cups reversed
Dodger Allies’ Power: Ace of Cups
Dodgers Chances: The Hermit reversed

The Decision (Grand Quintessence): The Lovers reversed


With the upright 6 of Wands aligned against the King of Pentacles reversed in the “Strengths” department, the Red Sox bats should dominate early and often, while the Dodgers’ power is muffled but not entirely silenced. The perceived advantage goes to the Red Sox’ offensive strength. (+1 to Red Sox)

The “Weaknesses” area shows that the Red Sox may leave a lot of runners stranded on the bases (10 of Cups reversed), failing to capitalize on their offensive prowess, while the Dodgers could keep their starting pitcher in the game too long, letting him get beat up and giving up too many runs (9 of Wands). (+1 to Red Sox for greater momentum)

The “Edge” for the Red Sox is the swiftness of their attack, but they may be too reckless on the base-paths (8 of Wands reversed), while the Dodgers are slow to get going and may fail to ignite entirely (5 of Cups reversed). (+1 to Red Sox, again for momentum)

The dominance of the Red Sox bullpen (“Allies’ Power”) is questionable and may wind up in tatters (5 of Wands reversed), while the Dodgers have an “ace” reliever waiting in the wings (Ace of Cups). (+1 to Dodgers)

In the “Chances to Win” category, the Red Sox have the Star reversed, suggesting that their optimism may decrease as the game progresses, but the Dodgers received the Hermit reversed, indicting a possible scarcity of runs. The Red Sox have a slightly more hopeful outlook.) (+1 to Red Sox, fading to neutral)

The Decision card was the Lovers reversed. If the game is rained out, as seems likely at the time of this reading, the reversal could indicate “no decision.” If the game proceeds on schedule, the Lovers is elementally more supportive of the Fire and Air cards of the Red Sox line than of the Earth-and-Water-dominated cards of the Dodgers’ line, giving the advantage to the Red Sox. (+2 to Red Sox)

Predicting the final score of an athletic contest is a risky proposition, but the raw numbers here suggest that the Dodgers may only score a single run while the Red Sox come up with several. If the game reaches “complete game” status in spite of the unsettled weather, the testimony favors a Red Sox victory based on an early lead that is never overtaken.


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