The “Flying Wedge” Redirection Spread

I’ve created spreads in the past based on the idea that the appearance of reversed cards in the sequence will cause a shift in the overall focus of the reading from an overt perspective to a more covert or indirect one. But the draw always proceeded from the top of the deck, which meant that the same cards came up in the layout regardless of their placement or orientation; they were just read in a slightly different way. Here I’m refining that approach by stipulating that whenever a reversed card is pulled, the next card in the series will be drawn from the bottom of the deck as a so-called “shadow” card that will take the narrative in a different direction than may have otherwise emerged in the situation. I’ve always believed that reversed cards can identify neglected byways in a situation that might have remained unexplored, and the
“shadow” card as used here will serve to “raise a lamp at the threshold.” Think of Virgil guiding Dante, although there is no guarantee of “safe passage.”

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