The Teaching Way

Back in the mid-70s my brother and I had an esoteric teaching gig in Connecticut. He was an accomplished astrologer and I was an up-and-coming tarot reader with the Thoth deck. We had several lively study groups going on simultaneously and were busy with them a large part of every week. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long because he moved to California and I relocated to the wilds of New Hampshire, but I’ve always wanted to repeat the experience. A few years ago when I was doing readings out of a local metaphysical shop I was asked to put together a curriculum of study material for a planned series of evening courses. I did so but there was no interest (or a least no-one keen on paying for them) so that faded away. I had tried something similar on my own back in the 80s but I only received two responses, one from the other side of the State, two hours away, and one from a woman who said she could easily attend but it turned out she thought I was in Chesterfield, England, not New Hampshire!

When we moved to a more populous area in 2018 I eventually started to give unpaid presentations to small groups but it quickly became obvious that nobody wanted to learn anything, they were just fishing for free readings as part of the “demonstration.” So I quickly stopped doing that. The regional “meet-up” groups have pretty much dried up with Covid, and they were all nearly an hour from me anyway so I never did bestir myself to make an appearance. I suppose I could offer a tutorial setting for one-on-one learning but it’s really the group dynamic I’m after. What local interest there is seems rather aimless and focused more on general psychism and shamanism than on more complex pursuits. There are a couple of shops in the area to which I have yet to make overtures, something I plan to do soon.

What I wound up doing was reformatting all of my course material into essays and posting them here under the “Tarot 101, My Way” heading. Then I recently gathered them up and self-published them in my e-book Tarot Hermetica. If I were to teach tarot today, it would be organized around that material. I’m also thinking it would be somewhat freestyle in structure in that we would cover a reasonable number of cards in each two-hour session, with the understanding that some could take a good deal more explanation than others. The last time I approached the subject we were talking half-a-dozen such sessions. I have no interest in doing on-line teaching via Zoom or YouTube since it’s the personal touch I want, and that seems to be declining in the social-media age. So I’ll just bide my time and see what evolves.

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