Where Have All the Masters Gone?

Folk singer Pete Seeger once wrote a poignant song titled "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" that lamented the transitory flowering and fading of youth and also, obliquely, the folly of war. In contemplating the unfortunate demise of the stimulating forum that was Aeclectic Tarot in 2017, I often wonder where the council of highly … Continue reading Where Have All the Masters Gone?

The Teaching Way

Back in the mid-70s my brother and I had an esoteric teaching gig in Connecticut. He was an accomplished astrologer and I was an up-and-coming tarot reader with the Thoth deck. We had several lively study groups going on simultaneously and were busy with them a large part of every week. Unfortunately, it didn't last … Continue reading The Teaching Way

Atypical, Eh?

I like to joke that I'm the only whisky-drinkin', pickup-drivin', ball-cap-wearin', blues-music-listenin', guitar-playin', fly-fishin', alpine skiin', kayakin', art-and-poetry-lovin', Monty-Python-quotin', horoscope-castin', tarot-card-readin', ex-Mensan, half-Canadian geomancer you're ever likely to meet! But seriously, those new to this blog might want to know a little more about the author than the "About" thumbnail delivers. So here it is. … Continue reading Atypical, Eh?

“Hey, You” – Pink Floyd Under the “Tarot-scope”

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I believe I've found the ideal use for the Waite-Smith tarot deck. (All images used here are copyright of U.S. Games Systems, Stamford, CT, although I understand the RWS deck may now be in the public domain.) Roger Water's somber and occasionally morose lyrics (often about Pink Floyd founding member Syd Barret's fractured … Continue reading “Hey, You” – Pink Floyd Under the “Tarot-scope”

The American Justice System Superimposed on the Astropsychological Tree of Life

Mainly for my own amusement, I spent some time superimposing elements of the American Justice System on the paths of my "re-imagined" version of the Hermetic (Kircher) Tree of Life. I started with the idea that Justice has to do with the "trial" in any judicial setting and Judgement speaks of the "verdict," and then … Continue reading The American Justice System Superimposed on the Astropsychological Tree of Life