Any Convenient Excuse

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I can't seem to escape gathering a fresh crop of intriguing notions every time I open Alejandro Jodorowsly's The Way of Tarot (at least on this, my second time through; the first adventure into his thinking felt more like an overwhelming tsunami of oddities). Somewhat like Aleister Crowley (although both would likely deny … Continue reading Any Convenient Excuse

A Matter of Presentation

Questions are often posed in online tarot discussion groups regarding the various ways that readings can be presented to clients. I thought I would take some time to enumerate them along with what I perceive to be their strengths and weaknesses. Face-to-Face Reading: This is the ancestor of all delivery methods and in my estimation … Continue reading A Matter of Presentation

The Further Adventures of “Gaze and Regard”

I've written in the past on the topic of "facing, gaze or regard" between two adjacent tarot cards that include human or human-like beings in their iconography, and what their juxtaposition in a spread means for the narrative when they are either facing toward or away from one another. (Simply put, one suggests "seeing eye-to-eye" … Continue reading The Further Adventures of “Gaze and Regard”

Divination As Self-Sabotage

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Although I'm unimpressed by much that passes for tarot wisdom on the YouTube channels, I believe I've found a kindred spirit in "Balthazar" at the Balthazar's Conjure site ( While most of his recent output is focused on practical magic and related occult disciplines rather than exclusively on divination, his historical content is … Continue reading Divination As Self-Sabotage

The Art and Science of Precise Tarot Reading

AUTHOR'S NOTE: It's no secret that I'm both an esoteric theorist and a conceptual minimalist in my approach to tarot card interpretation, although as a reader I consider myself first-and-foremost a creative storyteller with a flair for inspiration, imagination and ingenuity in my narrative output. The purpose of this essay is to explore ways to … Continue reading The Art and Science of Precise Tarot Reading

Swords and Wands As “Present” and “Future”

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Here's another unusual twist from Alejandro Jodorowsky. Although I certainly don't love everything he's written since so much of it is mystically obtuse (when it isn't merely peculiar), he does come up with some thought-provoking notions. In comparing the Ace of Swords to the Ace of Wands in The Way of Tarot, Jodorowsky … Continue reading Swords and Wands As “Present” and “Future”

“You Can’t Get There from Here:” Targeted Spreads and the Prepared Deck

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I was recently involved in an online discussion about the uncommon practices that readers employ on a regular basis. I took this to mean those techniques I've developed over the years that are outside the mainstream as defined by standard teaching methods and the tarot literature. The following is just a snapshot of … Continue reading “You Can’t Get There from Here:” Targeted Spreads and the Prepared Deck

A 2022 Recap: Another Milestone Passed

The past year was a good one for this blog. I've now reached over 100 daily visitors on a fairly regular basis, something I never expected to see, and I've added a respectable number of new followers. I'm also now being published in the monthly online AstroLogic magazine, with both horary astrology and tarot articles … Continue reading A 2022 Recap: Another Milestone Passed