What’s Up Next?

Having spent countless hours formatting my five e-books for publication. I’m at a loss where to take my daily posts next. Over the last five years I’ve said everything I want to say about the tarot (sometimes more than once, as I found out when compiling my essays). I’m thinking I will get back into the Lenormand and Kipperkarten groove, and perhaps do more deck-specific writing (the Thoth is always good for that). Horary astrology also beckons, and creating new spreads is a reliable fall-back when nothing else inspires. More missing-person work is tempting, although local cases seem to have moderated recently, which is a good thing. (As you’ve probably gathered, this post is a place-holder as I consider my options).

I’ve been resisting new deck purchases (only one or two in the last couple of years), but I’m starting to get the itch again so there could be more deck reviews in my future. Pat Zalewski’s Golden Dawn deck looks interesting, and I just saw a Czech tarot online that is fantastic, even though I think the language barrier might defeat me. At some point I’m still going to buy the Deviant Moon borderless edition and the Tarot of the Magical Forest for use in two-deck readings, but I’ve been saying that for several years and it never seems to happen. I don’t need any more RWS or Thoth decks, so I’m waiting for something to jump out at me (although I’m not holding my breath). It’s a simple case of too many (not particularly thrilling) decks, not enough coin.

At present I take most of my writing cues from online conversations on the various Facebook tarot pages, the old forums having dropped off my radar screen. There is usually something worthwhile going on that sparks my imagination. The three that I’m active on are the Tarot Professionals, Book of Thoth and Tarot History pages, but I’m on the prowl for more Golden-Dawn-based stuff, something I have definite opinions about after spending several decades working with its esoteric principles. The active Hermetic group from the defunct Aeclectic Tarot forum has dispersed and I miss the stimulating interaction. At any rate, stay tuned for a shift in the current.

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