“Facing the Future” – A Decision-Making Advice Spread

Thinking about a recent question on “stay or go” decisions, I created a deceptively simple spread that uses random court-card facing to choose one of four three-card decision paths to show the advice and the short and long term consequences of the decision. It uses a “prepared” deck and the quintessence method. (Note that “gaze” and body “posture” can sometimes conflict; I would use “gaze.”)

The distinctions between the four choices can be subtle: Go Now means “I’m outta here;” Go Soon means “I really should go but not just yet;” Stay for Now means “I’ll wait a bit, things might not be as bad as they seem;” and “Stay Longer means “I think I’ll tough it out, see how it goes.”

Factor the results into other decision-making inputs that could affect future conditions, such as impact on mental and physical well-being, perceived trends in overall satisfaction and the likelihood of improvement or deterioration in the circumstances (all the things that probably brought the matter to a head).

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