Psychometric Card Selection

The extrasensory technique known as psychometry assumes that an object has an energy field that can transfer knowledge, such that holding an item in your hand (or in this case holding your hand over it) will convey information associated with its history that may be relevant to present and future circumstances. In reading about an Enrique Enriquez practice exercise in which the hand is held over a deck of tarot cards and concentration is brought to bear on a particular card number within the stack (for example, the 20th card from the top), I was struck by the notion that it might be possible to do something like this to randomly populate a spread. It would be similar to the way in which some people use ” feel” (such as a subliminal sense of heat or vibration) when pulling cards from a fanned array.

The idea is to clear the mind of all conscious thought in the same way one does in the practice of meditation, then let the numbers 1 through 78 float through the consciousness while holding the non-dominant hand over the deck. Maintain this meditative state until one number in particular captures the attention. Count down from the top of the deck until you find the card in this position; turn it face-up but leave it in the deck so as not to skew subsequent counts. Write down the name of this card so you can keep the sequence in order.

Perform this step as many times as necessary without repeating the previous numbers to populate a spread of the desired length. For example, three repetitions would produce a three-card line. When all cards have been identified, extract them from the deck in the order selected to build the spread. Rather than using psychic sensitivity to arrive at the group of numbers, some form of random number generator could be employed but the personal touch would be lost in the process. Still, I can see rolling one or more dice – perhaps several times –  or randomly drawing face-down dominoes from a base-12 set as a way to establish the tactile link. Intuition would dictate when to stop the progression. (I once noted that the spots on the first twelve dominoes [0/1 to double-6] add to 78.)

Dominoes as 78

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