The “Tip of the Iceberg” Mixed-Media Problem-Solving Spread

I’ve been meaning for some time to try my hand at creating spreads that use both cards and dominoes in developing the reading layout. Here is my first attempt focused on problem-solving scenarios. It is essentially a doubled five-card path from an opening “current situation” perspective to a closing  “future consequences” projection that has a parallel story-line, with both a minor card (visible aspects, or “tip of the iceberg”) and a trump card (deeper or less obvious “rest of the story”) chain.

The narrative follows the “Hegelian dialectic” model of “thesis/antithesis/synthesis,” here called “action/reaction/resolution” to suggest what might be done to address the problem posed by the question or topic area. I don’t use reversals with this spread, and there is a potential to need more than one deck to cover duplicate or multiple instances of the same trump card that may result from the multiplication.

Tip of the Iceberg Spread.JPG

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