Magic du Jour

I recently came across a discussion in the "r/occult" Reddit feed about something called "Gallery of Magic," which is apparently a series of books (reported by detractors to be dumbed-down grimoires full of angelic names in modern Hebrew) that purport to demystify (I would instead say "denature") ceremonial magic for today's instant-gratification crowd. As a … Continue reading Magic du Jour

“Co-divination” – Parallel Paths and Diminishing Returns

A common complaint of professional diviners is the persistent and occasionally aggressive client who asks the same question repeatedly, often without allowing the previous answer a decent chance to unfold, and expects a more agreeable outcome. The most annoying of these is the person who visits multiple readers with the same intent, and who isn't … Continue reading “Co-divination” – Parallel Paths and Diminishing Returns

The “Tip of the Iceberg” Mixed-Media Problem-Solving Spread

I've been meaning for some time to try my hand at creating spreads that use both cards and dominoes in developing the reading layout. Here is my first attempt focused on problem-solving scenarios. It is essentially a doubled five-card path from an opening "current situation" perspective to a closing  "future consequences" projection that has a … Continue reading The “Tip of the Iceberg” Mixed-Media Problem-Solving Spread

“Mixed-Media” Reading

"Mixed-media" technique is a concept usually limited to the visual arts; a good example would be combining paste-up photo-collage and manual deposition of some kind (brush, pen, pencil, crayon, stick, etc.) to create an integrated and aesthetically pleasing image. (Before anyone asks, presentation technology often relies on "multi-media" delivery, a different animal.) I'll get to … Continue reading “Mixed-Media” Reading

Mild Spring? A Geomantic Example Reading

For my first geomantic "return engagement," I decided to ask whether we will have a milder-then-usual Spring season here in my local area (and no, I didn't consider the "groundhog factor"). I used my bowl of carefully-gathered stones, even though they came from our previous "home ground" and are more regional than local. I'm rusty … Continue reading Mild Spring? A Geomantic Example Reading

Easing Back into Geomancy: Tools of the Trade

As promised, I'm moving toward exploring forms of divination beyond cartomancy and horary astrology. Several years ago I spent a good deal of time pursuing the art of geomancy but let it lapse as my tarot practice grew. I found it to be quite accurate in its predictions about practical affairs and accumulated a small … Continue reading Easing Back into Geomancy: Tools of the Trade