Dark Horse Rising? – A “Stirring the Pot” Example Reading

As the subject of my test case for this spread, I chose the campaign of Amy Klobuchar for the Democratic Presidential nomination. As a “small-government” Libertarian sympathizer, I have no use for career politicians of any persuasion, Democrat or Republican (and particularly not Religious Right or Socialist), but I will at least listen to those of a more moderate bent (and who seem to have a more profound message than simply “defeat Trump at all costs”). Sanders and Buttigieg are polarizing and don’t seem to be especially strong with the centrist core of the Democratic constituency, which is probably why Klobuchar made such an impressive showing in New Hampshire. I decided to use my favorite sociopolitical deck for this reading, Brian Williams’ Post-Modern (aka “PoMo”) Tarot, without reversals. (One preliminary note: although Williams assigned his suits of TVs (Swords) to Fire and Guns (Wands) to Air, I stick with the traditional associations since TV strikes me as a communication medium (originally “over the airwaves”) and guns suggests the explosiveness of gunpowder. Bottles and Bills/Money are self-explanatory.)

All images copyright Harper Collins Publishers, New York, NY

In the “Where is she at the moment?” position, the 2 of Guns (Wands) shows that she is on the verge of taking a big step and is pondering how to capitalize on her recent success. The image on the card could also hint at a face-off with Elizabeth Warren, who is running just behind Klobuchar. (Hopefully they will both “keep their shirts on” and not sink to name-calling and other strategies of “dirty politics.”)

Evil (the Devil) in the “What should she do RIGHT NOW?” position implies that she has been running a fairly “clean” campaign and should now step up her critical attacks on the leading candidates for the nomination, Sanders and Buttigieg.

In the “What could she gain by doing this?” position the 5 of Bottles (Cups) makes me think she could shake things up to her advantage. (I have a vivid mental picture of shaking a warm bottle of Coca-Cola and popping the top, creating a “gusher” of stimulating emotion.)

The 10 of TVs (Swords) in the “What does she stand to lose by her actions?” position suggests that she could sacrifice some credibility with her devout following, who might begin to question her motives and tactics.

In the “What will happen if she doesn’t act?” position, the 10 of Bills (Coins) could mean that her financial backing will stumble or plateau at its present level if she doesn’t make a bold move.

The 2 of Bills (Coins) in the “Where will she end up?” position gives the impression that she will reach a critical turning point in the practical “do-ability” of continuing her campaign. This is a rather lackluster card that does not bode well for success as funding could stall. (Hopefully the image doesn’t portray her “selling out” to gain favor.)

Regarding the significance of other people in her situation, “TV Man” in the “Who can help her?” position could be showing a prominent media executive (or perhaps just an influential partisan commentator) who can bolster her momentum. As to “How this might happen?” the 6 of TVs (Swords) points out that a balanced appeal to the “rational middle”could go a long way.

In the “Who will actively resist her?” position, “TV Woman” again raises the specter of Elizabeth Warren as a major thorn in her side, perhaps during the next televised confrontation of the candidates. Regarding “How?” the 5 of Guns predicts an aggressive assault on her integrity.

In the “Who stands to gain?” position, should she miss the opportunity to act, “TV Boy” can only mean that Pete Buttigieg would be the chief beneficiary if Klobuchar fades in the race. The “How could this occur?” card, the 9 of TVs, alludes to growing disaffection among her supporters, who in the image appear to be fleeing the hostile scrutiny of the media.

This reading seems to provide a complete overview of the status of Klobuchar’s campaign and her potential going forward. Although I think Klobuchar has a decided “leg up” on Elizabeth Warren, I doubt she has the horsepower to overtake the leading candidates.


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