Trump’s Fate: A “Friends-and-Enemies” Example Reading

I'm probably going to disappoint the Trump-haters again, but I try to "just read the cards" with these sociopolitical readings and not grind any axes. As a "third-party" (Libertarian) sympathizer who subscribes to the maxim "Government is not the solution, it's the problem," I like to put US politics under the tarot microscope. There is … Continue reading Trump’s Fate: A “Friends-and-Enemies” Example Reading

A “Perfect Storm” Relationship Reading

To test my "Perfect Storm" new-relationship spread, I decided to look at what the complexion of the US Congress will be after the 2020 elections. For the Significator cards, I used the Rorig Tarot (Spanish Edition) with the Caballero (King) de Espadas for the Republican contingent and the Caballero (King) de Copas for the Democrats. … Continue reading A “Perfect Storm” Relationship Reading

Bern or Heartburn? A Democratic Dilemma

UPDATE: It's interesting that the more moderate "also-rans" (Buttigieg and Klobuchar) are apparently being pushed by the Democratic Party machine into toeing the line by backing out of the race and throwing their weight toward Biden as a way to stymie Sanders and avoid a bloody fight on the Convention floor. Original Post: On the … Continue reading Bern or Heartburn? A Democratic Dilemma

Dark Horse Rising? – A “Stirring the Pot” Example Reading

As the subject of my test case for this spread, I chose the campaign of Amy Klobuchar for the Democratic Presidential nomination. As a "small-government" Libertarian sympathizer, I have no use for career politicians of any persuasion, Democrat or Republican (and particularly not Religious Right or Socialist), but I will at least listen to those … Continue reading Dark Horse Rising? – A “Stirring the Pot” Example Reading

Donald Trump’s “Quintessence” Profile

These days everyone is a pop psychologist. In the minds of the culturally over-stimulated, every egotistical high-achiever who exhibits the slightest lack of empathy is labeled a "narcissist," and any borderline misfit who ever harbors a dark thought is automatically branded a "sociopath." The fact that few of these assumptions would satisfy the medical definition … Continue reading Donald Trump’s “Quintessence” Profile

Brexit Redux: A “B&B” Reading

The title alludes to "Boris and Brexit," not "bed & breakfast," "bread & butter" or "Benedictine & brandy." My last reading on Brexit was November 26 of last year and it predicted that Theresa May wouldn't have "a chance in Hell" as her "support surges away from her" amid "stubborn divisiveness." For this reading … Continue reading Brexit Redux: A “B&B” Reading