Lunar Month Look-ahead for July 2019

Oops, it seems I completely forgot my intention to use only the minor cards with this spread, and left all of the cards in the Tabula Mundi deck when I shuffled. But I think it came out OK, so no harm done. Note that I use astrologer Dane Rudhyar’s “lunation cycle” titles for the Moon’s eight phases, not the current scientific ones; each phase is roughly 3.5 days long. The Moon moves so fast through the zodiac that its effects can be brief and fairly shallow; thus, the interpretations below are somewhat skeletal..

The approximate phase transition days for July are:

New Moon – July 2
Crescent Moon – July 6
First Quarter – July 9
Gibbous Moon – July 12
Full Moon – July 16
Disseminating Moon – July 20
Last Quarter – July 24
Balsamic Moon – July 27

All images © 2015 M.M. Meleen

New Moon – The Empress

It looks like a comfortable start to the month. All of our major landscaping projects are done. The lawn is in and the shrubs and bushes are all planted, right on cue with the appearance of the Empress. Time to relax a little.

Crescent Moon – 8 of Wands

We will be traveling by car on the interstate on this date, so the title of the card, “Swiftness,” seems appropriate.

First Quarter – Ace of Disks

I may start a new project around this date, which would hit its stride with the 3 of Disks at the Last Quarter.

Gibbous Moon – Adjustment reversed

It’s possible I could avoid having to make a decision or escape passing judgment on something around this time. Alternatively, I could have a tough call to make and circumstances may be uncooperative. (I’m having some expensive vehicle work done on that date, and I’m hoping no other problems are discovered during the work.)

Full Moon – 9 of Wands reversed

I may have to struggle with the fall-out from not stepping up to the plate back on July 12th. I could have to defend myself in some way, and my position doesn’t look advantageous..

Disseminating Moon – Knight of Cups

I will most likely move on from the earlier difficulties with equanimity and in good spirits. Maybe I’ll have to make some concessions that I will be OK with.

Last Quarter – 3 of Disks

A good card for getting something useful done. I think of it as a “teamwork” card, so I may get some assistance with my project.

Balsamic Moon – Princess of Disks

The results of my effort will be well-received, and I will be energized by the encouragement.

Overall, the Empress and the three Earth cards, along with the Knight of Cups, suggest a productive and rather benign month. The reversed Air and Fire cards leading up to the Full Moon signal challenges and potential hostilities, but it looks like they will pass if I “pour some oil on the waters” with the Knight of Cups. It could also mean putting out fires of some kind. There are no Swords in this spread, promising an unruffled state of mind.

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