The “End Game” Spread (aka “Life’s Big Questions”)

Few tarot readers will attempt to answer "Life's Big Questions." Either they're spooked by the possible outcome or they feel it's unethical to delve into such matters. I don't think any of us would say to a client "This is the Death card. Better update your will." It reminds me of the old, faintly vulgar … Continue reading The “End Game” Spread (aka “Life’s Big Questions”)

A 3×3+3 Goal-Oriented Life Purpose Spread

A question commonly asked by those who consult a tarot reader is "What is my life's purpose?" - often with the implicit (and more urgent) undertone "What should it be that it isn't right now?" coming from those who are completely at a loss. The typical fortune-telling spread is inadequate to address such broad inquires … Continue reading A 3×3+3 Goal-Oriented Life Purpose Spread

A “Yin-and-Yang” Holistic Well-Being Spread

I'm always seeking ethically sound (not to mention legal) ways to approach health questions, and lean toward a holistic - or "whole-health" - model rather than trying to literally "play doctor" in a narrow diagnostic way. I know next to nothing about Chinese medicine, but thought I would apply my recent contemplation of the Tajii … Continue reading A “Yin-and-Yang” Holistic Well-Being Spread

An “Affirmation and Negation” Life-Path Example Reading

To test this spread and its associated table, I performed an example reading using the Retro Thoth deck. I've been contemplating a business venture as a tarot reader for corporate management, so I chose the Knight of Wands as the "Heart of the Matter." On the "Affirmation" side of the spread, the Ace of Swords … Continue reading An “Affirmation and Negation” Life-Path Example Reading

The Power of Yes and No

I continue to draw valuable insights from The Tao of Thoth. Most recently, the author described "negation" as often being a more appropriate response to circumstances than "affirmation." The observation seems to be rooted in the martial-arts principle that negating (refusing) an opponent's aggressive opening can be a more productive counter-move than directly exerting the … Continue reading The Power of Yes and No

The “Road to Shambala” Self-Development Spread

"How does your light shineIn the halls of Shambala"Danny Moore, songwriter At its most basic, the tarot is a metaphysical tool (and art) of self-discovery and advancement in both a psychological and situational/motivational sense. I just picked up a quote from The Tao of Thoth that sums up this objective quite neatly: "You have to … Continue reading The “Road to Shambala” Self-Development Spread

A “Weekly Tone/Daily Tone” Example Reading

To test my new weekly/daily forecast spread, I used my Retro Thoth deck to perform a seven-day reading for the current week beginning Monday, February 21, 2022. I permitted reversals, but in this spread they merely represent a less evident expression of the upright influence. I'm getting good mileage out of the minor and court … Continue reading A “Weekly Tone/Daily Tone” Example Reading

A Creative Approach to Weekly and Daily Draws

A common practice recommended to tarot beginners is to randomly pull one card each day and contemplate its meaning over the course of that day, with the goal of gradually mastering the complex art of interpretation. Unfortunately, this approach to learning can continue long after its initial usefulness fades; the "daily draw" becomes institutionalized and … Continue reading A Creative Approach to Weekly and Daily Draws

Lunar Month Look-Ahead for February – March, 2022

I just applied my "Threepenny Opera" three-deck selection method to my Lunar Look-ahead reading for the February-March cycle that began with the New Moon on Tuesday, February 1, 2022. I use astrologer Dane Rudhyar's 8-phase "Lunation Cycle" model for this layout (with a nod to Marc Robertson’s Cosmopsychology: Engine of Destiny); each phase is roughly … Continue reading Lunar Month Look-Ahead for February – March, 2022

The “Mercury Reversed” Retrograde Period Spread

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I split this spread off from yesterday's post for better visibility, saying three times "I promise not to repeat myself . . ." As discussed at length in my previous essay, I don't buy the popular notion that Mercury going retrograde as part of the evolving "sky pattern" is automatically a harbinger of … Continue reading The “Mercury Reversed” Retrograde Period Spread