Mueller Madness

Washington DC is practically foaming at the mouth over the projected release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report within the next few weeks. The fact of the matter is that, unless criminal indictments arise from Mueller’s document, it isn’t likely to be made public.

I decided to do a Lenormand reading using my “Knight’s Crossing” spread and the Heloise Lenormand to ask what will result from Mueller’s findings. I selected the Book as the significator because it relates to secret information that can have legal implications.

All images copyright Lynne Boyle

The Book appeared in the far-left position of the second row; thus there were no cards to its left and also none below it. In order to complete the 3×3 square centered on the Book, I laid three cards to the Book’s left and three more below. All of the cards in the top row that did not form part of the 9-card square I turned face-down to avoid confusion over which cards should be read.

The first thing that jumped out at me was that the Man at the lower left appears to represent Donald Trump since it knights to the House (most likely representing the White House). The vertical series Clouds-Fish-Man suggests a passel of trouble coming his way, but the Man also knights to the Clover, which in turn knights to the Sun, making it look like luck is on his side.  Trump isn’t exactly “Teflon Ron” Reagan, but the series Clouds-Book-Mice points out that the evidence to support indicting him is probably inconclusive. The series Clover-Book-Key implies that there is nothing too detrimental to his personal fortunes in the report. The series Stars-House-Mice shows that the abundant optimism (Stars knighting to Fish) of the White House in the unassailability of its position (Stars knighting to Key) will be deflated because, while Fish knights to the Stars, which in turn knights to the Key and the Key to the Sun, the Fish also knights to the Mice, with the entire array showing an overall diminishment of confidence. The four corners, Clouds-Stars-Mice-Man, show that the Man’s ambitions (Stars) will be shrouded in uncertainty (Clouds) and doubt (Mice).

The horizontal series tells a somewhat different story. Clouds-Clover-Star look like a shadow will pass over Trump’s rosy expectations. Fish-Book-House make me think the report is voluminous and the House of Representatives really wants to get its hands on it. Man-Key-Mice reveal that the truth is worrisome to Trump. The rest of the row following Fish-Book-House indicates that the House of Representatives intends to bring the report to the light of day (Book-House-Sun) by arguing (Whip) that the public (Park at the center of the row) has a right to know about matters that affect national well-being (Tree). However, it looks like House leader Nancy Pelosi (Woman) will hit a dead-end (Coffin) that will sink her initiative (Ship). In the original 9-card row, Coffin mirrors House, reflecting that the push by the House of Representatives, while vehement, is unlikely to get too far.

Alternatively, if we assume that the Man is Robert Mueller, then it appears that he has his “house in order” (Man knights to House) and his performance is above reproach (the Man knights to the Clover, and the Key next to the Man knights to the Stars and the Sun). However, the fact remains that his evidence is probably too thin (Clouds-Book-Mice) to support high-level indictments, and his luck may not hold (Mice knights to Clover and Fish). The series Man-Key-Mice indicates that, while he may have the answers (Man + Key), they aren’t without liabilities for Mueller; Key knighting to Clouds advises against being too certain of the truth of the matter. In this case, the four corners, Clouds-Stars-Mice-Man, imply that it is Mueller’s ambitions that are shrouded in uncertainty and doubt. If I had to guess, I would say that the investigative net may catch a few smaller fish in Trump’s campaign organization, but I’m not seeing proof of Trump’s personal vulnerability.

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