Trump’s Fate: A “Friends-and-Enemies” Example Reading

I'm probably going to disappoint the Trump-haters again, but I try to "just read the cards" with these sociopolitical readings and not grind any axes. As a "third-party" (Libertarian) sympathizer who subscribes to the maxim "Government is not the solution, it's the problem," I like to put US politics under the tarot microscope. There is … Continue reading Trump’s Fate: A “Friends-and-Enemies” Example Reading

COVID-19 Peak: A Best-Case/Worst-Case Scenario

With the US government predicting the nationwide impact of the coronavirus pandemic to peak in the next seven to fourteen days, I decided to do a "best-case/worst-case scenario" reading using both the most pessimistic (Night Sun Tarot) and the most optimistic (Chrysalis Tarot) decks I own (if nothing else, the color palette of each tells … Continue reading COVID-19 Peak: A Best-Case/Worst-Case Scenario

Coronavirus Pandemic: A Horary Perspective

I cast a horary astrology chart to ask the same question I posed to the tarot yesterday: What are the chances for a global pandemic of the COVID-19 coronavirus? In keeping with John Frawley's recommendation, I used the Regiomontanus house system. A quick disclaimer: there is no reason to believe that my work is any … Continue reading Coronavirus Pandemic: A Horary Perspective

A “Build-It-As-You-Go” Example Reading: Hurricane Dorian

UPDATE: Hurricane Dorian did in fact spare southeastern North Carolina any significant damage, and made landfall on the Outer Banks in line with my alternate prediction. There was some serious damage on Okacroke Island. Interestingly, as the hurricane approached Wilmington, NC, I was asked to do another reading about the likelihood of a tornado in … Continue reading A “Build-It-As-You-Go” Example Reading: Hurricane Dorian

Brexit Redux: A “B&B” Reading

The title alludes to "Boris and Brexit," not "bed & breakfast," "bread & butter" or "Benedictine & brandy." My last reading on Brexit was November 26 of last year and it predicted that Theresa May wouldn't have "a chance in Hell" as her "support surges away from her" amid "stubborn divisiveness." For this reading … Continue reading Brexit Redux: A “B&B” Reading