The “In-Line Six” Answer Tune-up Spread

I’m on something of a fanciful kick with my recent spread development; here I’m using the analogy of the old “straight six” (cylinders, that is) automobile engine, and the notion that reversed cards indicate the need for a “tune-up.” This one is an oddity for me; it has no “outcome” card and no position meanings. Consider it my puckish gift to those who don’t (and won’t) read reversals. It will crowd them into a corner on the subject and “nibble them to death” while also overtly accommodating their aversion. (It takes reversed cards completely off the plate as the “misfiring cylinders” of the engine analogy rather than allowing them to simply be turned upright for interpretation.) I call it “tuning up your answer until you get one that runs smoothly.” I suppose I could just say “Don’t permit reversals in your shuffle and deal six cards upright,” but where’s the fun in that?

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