“No Way, No How?” – A Card-by-Card Event-Timing Table

UPDATE: I revised the table to reflect that certain cards in combination can indicate that the anticipated event won't happen without extra effort on the part of the querent. https://memes.getyarn.io/yarn-clip/53119a42-5ef5-4011-a985-1d8d93234f37#o9i6Ao7uhZ.copy Timing of events with the tarot is the proverbial "tough nut to crack." None of the various methods I've explored (and some of those I've … Continue reading “No Way, No How?” – A Card-by-Card Event-Timing Table

A Simple Event-Timing Example Reading

To test this spread, I decided to run it on our open question regarding when we can expect a final answer from the people who are interested in buying our property. I used the Waite-Smith Centennial Pocket Edition (for no other reason than that it fits on my small reading table), and swapped in the … Continue reading A Simple Event-Timing Example Reading

A Simple Event-Timing Spread

Accurately  foretelling the time-frame for an anticipated event is the second of the "Three Great Challenges" facing any diviner. The primary focus of a predictive reading is obviously "whether" the event is going to happen at all; next comes "if yes, when?" The question of "where" is a distant third, usually overshadowed by secondary considerations … Continue reading A Simple Event-Timing Spread

“A Minute Passed” – The Problem of Prediction

There is an old comedy sketch by Monty Python's Eric Idle that neatly lampoons the slippery art of predicting future circumstances and events. Although the subject of Idle's monologue is anticipatory sexual tension and not divination, the notion of waiting in vain for something to happen is all too familiar. "A minute passed. Then another. Then, another … Continue reading “A Minute Passed” – The Problem of Prediction

An Example Reading with the “Destiny’s Dartboard” Timing Spread

I had a near-term timing question that I thought would be a perfect opportunity for testing this spread.  A couple of weeks ago I submitted an article to the publisher of The Cartomancer quarterly journal for possible publication. (This wasn't a "shot in the dark" since I've had several articles published there already). She got … Continue reading An Example Reading with the “Destiny’s Dartboard” Timing Spread

The “Destiny’s Dartboard” Event Timing Spread

The first thing almost every sitter wants to know from a reading is whether something will happen. But right on the heels of that objective is usually an anxious "If so, when?" The timing of a projected event is one of the thorniest questions facing any diviner, and numerous attempts have been made by spread … Continue reading The “Destiny’s Dartboard” Event Timing Spread