Why the TdM?

Why, you might well ask, after spending almost 40 years studying and divining with the Crowley-Harris Thoth Tarot and The Book of Thoth, and then nine more years striving to master the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot (RWS), would someone want to take on the task of trying to fathom the Tarot de Marseille (TdM) and its non-scenic … Continue reading Why the TdM?

Mind Over Matter

I was just looking at the tarot-deck "de-enable" thread on one of the forums and realized that I haven't had to be "de-enabled" on buying a new deck in a very long time. It probably helps that I don't find most recent decks particularly inspiring from a divination standpoint, even if they happen to be … Continue reading Mind Over Matter

The “Two-Trump Tango” Example Reading: A Study in Determination

In this example pull for my new life-reading spread, I used the Spanish Tarot TdM deck without reversals. The question I asked was "Where will my guitar-playing initiative take me in the next six months?" Last week, completely out of the blue, I decided to resume the guitar-playing ambitions that I dropped shortly after buying … Continue reading The “Two-Trump Tango” Example Reading: A Study in Determination

A “Breaking the Chain” Example Reading

This turned out to be a provocative and entertaining spread in actual use. For the topic I chose to examine the causal chain for my admitted "sweet tooth," especially around the holiday season. I purposely selected the Empress as the "Root Card" for my dietary indiscretion: "It's not nice to say 'No' to Mother Nature!"). … Continue reading A “Breaking the Chain” Example Reading

A “Tetractys” Example Reading

I decided to test the "Tetractys" spread with my Fournier Tarot de Marseille deck, without reversals. Two weeks ago  I received a tentative offer to perform tarot readings at upcoming metaphysical events sponsored by a spiritual medium in the area.  There is apparently a shortage of male readers and I would apparently be a welcome … Continue reading A “Tetractys” Example Reading

What Happened to Tre? – A Missing Person Reading

UPDATE: On December 5, the body of Tre Rouse was discovered inside his vehicle submerged in the Merrimack River in Hooksett, NH. This was something he had apparently been threatening to do before his November 15 disappearance. This reading obviously goes into the "failure" column as far as predictive accuracy. https://patch.com/new-hampshire/concord-nh/missing-pembroke-man-found-inside-suv-merrimack-river-update Original Post: On November … Continue reading What Happened to Tre? – A Missing Person Reading